British Commonwealth 2nd World War Grave Newark-On-Trent

Newark-on-Trent, Nottinghamshire NG24 1SQ

We must not forget the  Airman and the Commonwealth they fought for freedom against the enemy and didn’t flinch. They fought to the end and then carried on the fight, we should be grateful. We certainly owe them a great deal of credit that they so rightly deserve.


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Commonwealth Graves at Newark-On-Trent

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We departed this life into the next. Though they are hidden in the shadow of Death. Their lives for other in the love freedom that never dies.

This website has been set up as a means of further promoting our Newark Cemetery and encouraging interested people to join the tribute. Together as a Fitting tribute who resting place is at Newark Cemetery.

Our beautiful and historic Newark Cemetery, London Road, Newark, Nottinghamshire for over 150 years

Opening  centre 

Chapel Interpretation Centre at Newark cemetery will opened by appointment for groups.

Friends of Newark Cemetery next General Meeting  which will be on Wednesday  29th October 2014 at Newark Town Hall first floor in the Pickin Room arrival at 2:00pm  for a cuppa 1.45pm. 

Application Form

If you would like to be part of the group and help us to achieve our aims – please complete this Application Form and send it to address given below.

Return to:

Friends of Newark Cemetery

Mr Laurence Goff

Newark Town Hall, Market Place

NG24 1DU, Newark, Nottinghamshire

You can also send us an e-mail:






Minimum Subscriptions:

 £2.00 Individual  £5.00 Family  £10.00 Institutions  £20.00 Businesses

Please make cheques payable to:

The Friends of Newark Cemetery

“From death springs life and from the graves of great patriots springs a great nation”.

Patrick Henry Pearse

“He spake well who said that graves are the footprints of angels”.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

The Friends of Newark Cemetery was set up in November 2005 with the aim of helping to improve the services and facilities of the Cemetery and to promote the site as

an attractive amenity to residents and visitors.

At our disposal we have the former Newark Cemetery Chapel, build in 1856 and renewed in 2010 (officially opened as an Interpretation Centre by the Newark Town Mayor on Saturday 11th September 2010).

*** Purpose of the Friends of Newark Cemetery:

 To offer suggestions to the Newark Town Council on ways to improve the service and facilities of the Cemetery.

 To provide input into the Cemetery Regulations.

To help identify problems with vandalism and other activities detrimental to the well-being of the Cemetery, and to work with Council to seek solutions to these problems.

 To play an active part in assisting the Town Council with practical tasks such as litter-picking, painting seats, benches, open-days, etc.

 To provide a welcoming presence and a source of help and information at the Cemetery during opening hours.

 To act as guides for visitors to the Cemetery.

 To collect feedback from visitors in the form of simple questionnaires.

 To provide extra presence for the Cemetery site.

Any questions? Want to join the Friends of Newark Cemetery? Please contact us:

 by e-mail:

 by phone: 01636-681878  o7794613879We will answer as soon as possible.

Open during the Summer Months or by appointment

The Chapel Interpretation centre at Newark Cemetery by Friends of Newark Cemetery organisation behind the running of the centre. /

Laurence Goff

Friends of Newark Cemetery Volunteer

Click on  for location of Cemetery Newark-on-Trent, Nottinghamshire NG24 1SQ

I has put these Website together for Friends of Newark Cemetery as a fitting tribute

Our beautiful and historic Newark Cemetery, London Road, Newark, Nottinghamshire for over 150 years since 1856. This memorial website is Laurence Goff personal views, I have put it together and do not represent Newark Town Council . It dedicated to the thousands of  people since 1856.  Many are happy to have a resting place at Newark Cemetery for all to see and view. Having a means of further promoting Newark cemetery, and encouraging interested people to join the tribute.

This is a privately owned and maintained, not-for-profit, website which is supported privately, the content here is solely the responsibility of Laurence Goff for Friends of Newark Cemetery.


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